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Monday, March 11, 2013

Shocking Photos: 8-Year-Old Boy Marries 61- Year -Old Woman in Zimbabwe

Monday, March 11, 2013
When i first saw this story sometime in February, i dismissed it with the wave of the hand saying it cant be real. But alas, am short of words to see pictures from the wedding to prove that it was not a hoax after all.

Both families were present at the wedding of Sanele Masilela (8) and Helen Shabangu (61) and the bride's husband and her five children were also at the wedding in Zimbabwe.The boy's aunt, Patience Masilela (46), explained why the wedding took place.
She said: "The boy was named after his late grandfather who never had a white wedding, so the ancestors told the boy to get married and he chose Helen to be his bride. The family took his desire to get married very seriously. They paid  for the bride in March last year and spent a lot on the wedding because they believed it was what the ancestors wanted."

Check out more photos.



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