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Friday, May 03, 2013

'I Left Catholic Church because the Problems in Africa Require More Spiritual Fervency'-T​insel Star, Victor Olaotan

Friday, May 03, 2013
Victor Olaotan who is also known as Fred Ade-Williams, the patriarch of the popular TV series Tinsel during the “hot seat” session on V-Channel, an entertainment tv station on Startimes revealed that he left Catholic church because the problems in Africa require more spiritual fervency and handling.
 “I grew up in a Catholic setting and was a committed member till I left for Pentecostal church. The problems in Africa require more spiritual fervency than what the Catholism was giving me; so I had to leave”.
Victor also spoke about his family abroad and leaving America because of tax miscalculation.

‘I was running a business and paying personal tax only for the authorities to come and said I ought to have been paying company tax as well. By the time they were done with the calculations, I had $4 Million dollars to pay. I had to leave because I couldn’t afford that amount’.

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