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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Yoruba Movies Comic Actor 'Mr Latin' is back to School

Tuesday, July 02, 2013
There is nothing as exciting as having a heart desire fulfilled. This best describes how Nollywood Yoruba Movies' comic actor, Bolaji Amusa currently feels. Bolaji, popularly known as 'Mr. Latin' had said long before now that one of his ambitions in life is to become a graduate. That dream is gradually coming through as the comedian is currently undergoing studies in a London university.

In a recent chat with Nigerian Tribune, Mr Latin disclosed that he was not privileged to further his education while growing up but to actualize the dream of being a graduate, he got admitted to read Tourism in a London University 2years ago (though he didn't say if he was through with the studies or still in progress). However, he said by virtue of his education, it will be right to refer to him as an educated man and that he also changed the face of comedy in Nigeria. Gone where the days when comic actors stuffed their tummies with costumes and weird makeups just to appear funny.

Age and inability to speak English fluently is definitely not a barrier to education.


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