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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bubbling Under: Abigold- Hold On + Moving Forward

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Abigail Egbevurie began her ministry at a very tender age(13 years), singing in the City of Warri Delta State, Nigeria. She was raised under a strict Christian upbringing, her father, been a deacon would wake his children up very early for Church every Sunday. It was this discipline that nurtured her life-long passion of service to the Lord. Although Abigold has been a worshiper from her teen, to all who knew her football and poetic writings was her gift at college. 

However she has played a key role as a defender at Eastern Mediterranean University for the Nigerian female team, when the Lord begun to turn this heart in His pleasure. The album the release means letting go of everything that holds you back, for me it is a release because for a long time I have been fighting with myself on whether to do this or not. My songs equally talks about freedom letting go, you can see that in Romans 8:21 which is the scripture for the Extended Play. She was a active member in a group called the Team Of The Living God(TOLG), as a group (TOLG) they have done a song inCyprus, also did a concert. ll songs in the Release were written and composed by Abigold. As for Abigold, others esteem her for her ability to carry the crowd along as a worshipper. Abigold is no gimmick; I did not call myself is a phrase she likes using for expression. She is no ordinary lady and is not one to be compared with any other. The truth is Abigold has only just begun.

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