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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Women and their endless crave for older men

Tuesday, October 08, 2013
I was drawn to a tweet from former most beautiful girl in Nigeria, Sylvia Nduka yesterday. She said she can only marry a man who is 10 to 12 years older than her.
I am sure so many women out there also have the same mindset. I once held this belief also. Apart from the fact that a lot of women believe far older men take better care of women financially, they are also believed to be more matured at handling the temperaments of women which are usually unpredictable. We have also seen instances of where ladies marry their age mates and find fulfillment in such unions. Need less to say that sometimes, the so called older men sometimes have issues with the girl's level of maturity which they see as being  childish. In the process of trying to bring her to his level of maturity, he ends up bullying her. As it is with the females, so it is with men as well. I am sure almost every man at least in Africa will tell you he can never marry a woman that is older than him but that is talk for another day.

I have come to realize that while growing up, a lot of women fantasize a lot on their ideal man. Women in their late teens and early 20s would obviously want to have a man in his late 20s and even early 30s. As they grow older, they begin to learn the 'tricks' of men and how hard it is sometimes for some of them to be committed. Then, the reality sets in and what happens? They start to look beyond the age bar. Fully grown unmarried women at 30 with no serious relationship is forced to lower the bar a little. Rather than continue to emphasize on age as a major factor, other more serious qualities start springing up. Then, when they get to their early 30s, you start hearing phrases like 'age is but a number' , desperation sets in and are even forced to further compromise on their ideal man.

My advice is, make hay while the sun shines. He doesn't necessarily have to be 10 to 12 years older. If you see yourself living happily with him, age is but a number thought i am not saying you should go get a man that is 10 years younger But if he will make you happy, its all your call. Age doesn't  determine happiness in marriage!


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