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Friday, May 06, 2022

2023: N19.9billion already raked in by APC from the sale of forms

Friday, May 06, 2022

As at Thursday, The National Organising Secretary of the APC, Alhaji Sulaiman Arugugu, disclosed that so far, 241 aspirants  had picked the expression of Interest forms for the  senatorial seats at N20m each and which amounts to 4,820,000,000. While 821 aspirants also picked up their forms for the House of Representatives category at  N10m each totaling N8,210,000,000.

For the states' House of Assembly category  across the nation, 1,505 aspirants picked up their forms  at N2m each and which amounts to N3,010,000,000

48 aspirants Picked up thier forms for the  Governorship seats at N50m each amounting to N2,400,000,000

While 15 aspirants picked up  thier forms for the seat of the President at N100m each and which equals to N1,500,000,000

So far, the total amount realised from the sale of forms by the party  is currently N19,940,000,000.

Other aspirants and Presidential hopefuls are srill expected to pick their forms ahead of the May 10th deadline set  by the party. 

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